OUCH! These Are Not What You Think They Are!

frozen pea torture


At first, the photo seems to depict two fingers, but these are not what you think they are. The photo is actually of a young woman’s legs.

The woman was told to kneel in frozen peas (or possibly dried chickpeas) as a form of torture. This kind of punishment has been used in some cultures to motivate students to behave or to become subservient. This is a viral image going across the internet. Some sources have listed this photo as that of a school girl being punished by her teacher, but others have argued that the picture was sourced from a website for individuals who get a kick out of watching this type of punishment from one to another. Yes folks, believe it or not some get satisfaction by watching others who experience physical pain.

Please do share your thoughts on what you think this is and if this is an acceptable form of dicipline.



[Taken from American LiveWire]

One thought on “OUCH! These Are Not What You Think They Are!

  1. Yes, I can confirm that this comes from the site girlsboardingschool.com , and that the model in the photo quite enthusiastically works with the company, she maintains a blog and shoots with several other companies in the same genre. different strokes for different folks

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