Out Come The Racists Again

somerset floods.jpegWhilst nobody can say that the recent floods in Somerset are easy for those involved, I have to say how disgusting it is that Nigel Farage (UKIP) and many others across the country have suggested we cut aid to foreign countries in order to help ‘our own’ as they put it.

You cannot compare the floods in wealthy UK to the situation in Syria, the devastation in the Phillipines, or the starving people in Africa.  Of course, the people who say to cut aid want it cut for no other reason that they are racists. The UK has enough wealth to help the flood victims in Britain AND desperate people in other countries.  The Tory led UK government would love you to believe we have no money, but that isn’t true. We face austerity for idealogical reasons, not because we are poor.

My biggest fear is that next year, people will vote for UKIP in such large numbers that they are able to form a government. This would be a disaster for the UK.  Most of our trade is with Europe. It would not be wise to leave the EU.

If people could kindly take their eyes off X Factor and other celebrity nonsense and think for one moment, we would have a much nicer country.

One thought on “Out Come The Racists Again

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