Why Facebook Is The Biggest Scam On The Planet

40,000 Likes and ZERO Engagement

I was reluctant to share this because it’s embarrassing to admit you’ve failed at something. Let me start at the beginning. I’m not currently a touring musician so i decided that I would use Facebook advertising in order to reach a targetted audience of people who like my type of music and hopefully interest them enough to sell a few records online. I constantly read articles that tell me Facebook is an advertiser’s gold mine. The new frontier in marketing if you like. However, after throwing an ungodly amount of money at the platform in the last 5 years, I have made a total of ZERO sales through Facebook. Any sales I make come from other sources. I guess I could look inwards and wonder if my products are any good, However, this story isn’t solely about sales conversions. I first of all started a “like” campaign for my page. As of writing, I have 40,000 likes on my page. Impressive right? Well… No, not exactly.

As you can see in the screenshot, out of 40,000 people only 14 people even seen this post (And it has been pinned to the top of my feed for weeks). You would think that if someone is shown a page suggestion they would go to that page to see if they like the page before clicking the “like” button and thus at least this post would gain more than 14 views as a result. It hasn’t. In fact on average any single post I create will reach no more than 60 people. Out of 40,000!

I messaged Facebook last week about this and the lady I spoke to agreed that was incredibly low reach and she promised they would look into it and email me back. They never did. In fact, a quick Google search on this issue reveals I’m not alone in thinking Facebook are frauds. One man set up tracking on his website and it revealed Facebook claimed they were sending 4 times as much traffic there than they actually were. So who are these 40,000 people who like my page? Well, most of them are probably “Click Farms”. People who are paid to go around liking everything whilst adding ZERO value to my page, nevermind my business.

Look at what happened with a Meme I posted…

Apparently at 72 people reached, Facebook tell me it’s performing better than 85% of my other posts and want me to spend £10 in order to reach just 4800 of the people I have already paid for in order to like my page in the first place. I know from experience what happens when I “boost” a post. Suddenly a hundred or so people who presumably weren’t interested enough to like any of my other content suddenly are inspired to react with hearts and laughing reactions etc. Amazing how money talks eh? And it’s never truer on Facebook.

I am currently running an advert for Lead Generation. People enter their email address to my mailing list and I give them Free music and Ebooks in return. Facebook estimated I would get 20 signups a day minimum. I have so far had ZERO signups as a result of this ad. Oh wait… Is that because they would need to actually be REAL people maybe? Rather than some bot clicking like on everything in order to inflate Facebook’s results? Actually somebody actually “liked” this advert. How many real people do you know would see an advert that they didn’t even bother clicking on to find out more but would hit the “like” button anyway? NOBODY I’m guessing. Are you telling me that despite detailed targetting not 1 person out of Facebook’s 2Billion users is interested in getting free music? Or at the very least clicking the link to see if they even like it?

Don’t waste your money on this. I suspect in a few years we will learn that this has been a big scam and that Facebook as a business is actually worthless. I mean think about it, do you ever log into Facebook thinking “I wonder what I can buy today?” Primarily it is a place to socialize. I will be rethinking my approach to marketing. Hopefully something cheaper and far more effective. This was the biggest pile of wank I have ever come across and the fact they never even followed up to tell me why my page is being unfairly penalized says a lot about their company ethos.

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