There were several trips to London this year. Mainly drinking around the gay bars in Soho but also discovered a few other great bars including “Garlic and Shots” where they have over 100 drinks infused with garlic. Sounds vile but I had a shot of something that resembled Dolmio sauce but was actually really good. Another pub was “The Cheshire Cheese” one of the oldest pubs in London that has a nice oldie atmosphere to it. It reminded me of a pub in the Welsh Valleys actually, but with more expensive beer.




This year I didn’t do a lot musically. I did a lot of reflection on what I’d like this new album to sound like but so far I have only recorded 4 songs. One of these was the first single to be taken from “The Death of a Dying Star” called: The Holy Shows. I made a video for it with Kalto Films which you can watch HERE. I’m expecting to release the finished album in the summer of this year.




Corporate Christ - Lille FranceIn July, a group of us went to Lille, in France. It was my second time there. It’s a lovely little city with some great Rock bars, cocktail bars and cafes. The gay scene is pretty dismal there though so I think if I fancy a gay weekend I’ll go back to Berlin or even try out Prague and Amsterdam. Also, Lille is built on a swamp so July will give you high humidity and mosquitoes. Honestly it was a nightmare this time of year even with Air Conditioning in the hotel.




Cardiff and Vale College


In September, I took the plunge and enrolled at The University of South Wales. I am currently studying “Creative Industries: Popular Music”. I’m finding the course really enjoyable even if the workload can be a little challenging. But, at least I’m moving forward in my life and building a real career for myself.