In the last hour we have heard that a Tory MP has defected to the Lib Dems, effectively ending the government’s working majority in Parliament. At any time now the House of Commons will vote on whether to block a No Deal exit from the European Union, choosing to extend the deadline and possibly calling for a General election. Never in my lifetime has politics been so volatile and also polarised. Brexit itself has deeply divided the country but we also face a showdown between Jeremy Corbyn’s Democratic socialism, and Boris Johnson’s Thatcherism on steroids. The UK faces some stark decisions right now.

How did we even get here?

The electorate was blatantly lied to over Brexit for starters. There was no £350 million a week for the NHS. No “easiest trade deal in history” and no mention of reigniting the troubles in Northern Ireland. The whole thing is a mess to say the least.

Brexiteers have dug their heels in refusing to acknowledge that the country will be much worse off no matter which form of Brexit we pursue not to mention the whole debacle has played on people’s fears of immigration, which by the way wont suddenly come to an end post Brexit as we rely on immigrants to staff our NHS, work on our farms, and an array of other professions.

Wales will be particularly hit hard by Brexit as we currently receive billions in structural funding from the EU. Do people think that Westminster will replace that money? When have they ever looked after Wales’s interests in the past?

We need to, as a country, be thinking very seriously about revoking article 50 and remaining in the EU. It has been shown there is no tangible benefit from exiting.

It is also worth considering that the world in general is moving towards more integration, not less. Will our children and grandchildren ever forgive us for isolating the UK and stripping them of future opportunities? I highly doubt it.

Brexit was and always will be a manipulation by the far right elites to safeguard their wealth from impending EU laws clamping down on tax avoidance. It will never benefit ordinary British people. Indeed, it was never designed to.

Boris Johnson is hell bent on a hard Brexit and is employing tin pot dictator tactics in order to achieve it. He doesn’t care about democracy or “taking back control”, he is even willing to bypass parliament itself in his aims. And for what exactly? So he can continue to avoid paying taxes? There is nothing more disgusting than being wealthy but not paying what you legally owe in order to maintain society itself. The capitalists continue to exploit the workers but want no part in paying for their education or health needs. Selfish, greedy and short sighted, they will stop at nothing in the pursuit of money and power. Let us not be hoodwinked anymore. Bollocks to Brexit!


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