Often we hear about the advances in technology, particularly our phones and computers. These are devices that have become indispensible in 21st Century life. We have become used to instant communication and instant information, all at our fingertips. Could the next indispensible piece of tech be something that satisfies our sexual and emotional needs? Is this even possible?

I’ve no doubt that in the near future we can make a robot that realistically imitates the human body but surely sex is more than this? I used to think so but these days I’m questioning. As a society we seem to have become more fetishistic. We use dating apps like they are a catalogue picking out a new product rather than interacting with the people behind the photo in a meaningful and human way. Are we really surprised our sex doesn’t lead to satisfaction when people are little more than robots to us? However, if this is the future of sex, one of convenience and gratification, why not make the leap to robots? They can be made to look a way that pleases us, have “personalities” that never challenge or upset us, and maybe programmed in a way that brings us to orgasm whenever we feel like it.

But I feel we are missing the point with this. Part of growing up is overcoming fetishism and seeing the deeper human elements in a relationship. Sure, I could quite happily jerk off over Justin Timberlake every time I needed to relieve my stress, but I don’t know him and I have no real connection with him. He is a picture/video to help bring me off. Robots are the same kind of thing. Without an emotional element it is just a modern form of pornography. Which don’t get me wrong serves a purpose and fulfils a need. It just doesn’t fulfil the ultimate need, one for human connection and for love.

If I’m honest I would probably fuck a robot if given the opportunity, simply out of curiosity. I think though we face a danger of isolated and vulnerable individuals becoming reclusive and addicted to these kinds of devices, when all these people really need is human company. We are social creatures and no amount of pre-programmed speech patterns will ever replace the real thing.

We risk facing a future where this isolative behaviour is normalised and humans simply stop connecting with each other and replace the connection with robots instead. I mean if you think this couldn’t happen then look how much time we spend on our phones these days. People gather together in a bar just to ignore each other and spend the entire evening on Facebook. A funny yet sad scenario would be someone uploading photos to Instagram of their really cool house party where there is nobody but a bunch of robots making duck lips for the photo.

Great orgy dude.

Another problem with sex robots of course is the controversy we currently experience with regard to dolls that resemble children. In one sense we think at least they are dolls and not REAL children, but on the other hand we worry that this normalises paedophilia and even encourages it.

There are no simple answers unfortunately.

Whilst we can never allow the rape of children, these people have been dealt an unfortunate hand in life with their sexual inclinations, but I accept it is hard for people to feel compassion for them. But do sex robots possibly satisfy their needs without harming real, human children?

Of course, it’s not about paedophiles. These sex robots provide an opportunity to satisfy all people’s sexual needs without the complications of a relationship in a world where everyone is busy and focussed on themselves and their careers. Does it need to be a depraved and perverted affair?

I think the likely outcome will be a mixture of sexual gratification and a kind of personal assistant. Surely these human companions will be able to do multiple tasks other than sex, and no doubt we will utilise that.

Whatever happens though we can be sure it will seem bizarre to the older generation, yet totally normal to younger people, and we shouldn’t judge them for it either. I’m sure medieval people would have feared the vibrator as some sort of demon possessed tool of witchcraft, but nobody today would think of them that way (Except the most crazy of religious nutters).

We should perhaps adopt a “wait and see” attitude. What we fear may become a schizoid society may just end up being a society with more sophisticated masturbation aids.


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