Found this photo the other day of me and Nadine in 2006. I wish I was that thin again so that’s my target for 2018. feeling like a whale lately… A whale from Wales.

So what have I been up to? Well I went to Hay on Wye the other week to look around its numerous book stores. Bought a few things and then paid way too much for the worst food ever. Tasted like plastic so if you like eating poisonous synthetic food you’d love it.

I also went to Daniel and Andreas’s for their Christmas party. Now THEY are good cooks. Food was delicious. We then got pissed and watched Gremlins. 🙂




 My film was finally shown at Chapter Arts Centre. I had a lot of great feedback and was also approached by a filmmaker who has asked me to speak at his event in West Wales.  It was surreal seeing my face up on a big cinema screen. Every pore visible on my face. Disturbing. haha