A few weeks ago we decided to submit the documentary we made “Lives Less Ordinary: A Story of Mental Health” to the Chapter Moviemaker, held at Chapter Arts Centre. They have accepted our submission and will be screening it on the 4th December. We went along to this month’s event just to see what it was like. It was good actually. The quality of the submissions was a little intimidating given that our film was so low budget, but I’m confident that it is good enough and I’m looking forward to seeing the reaction.




A while back I was told my liver function test results were abnormaly high and was told to cut down on alcohol and referred for an ultrasound to see what was going on. I significantly reduced my alcohol intake and thankfully the latest test results showed the levels had dropped quite a lot. The ultrasound did reveal I have a fatty liver though so I need to lose some weight and continue to monitor my drinking, but overall I’m pleased that it wasn’t something more serious.




It doesn’t seem long ago we were going to Matt’s housewarming party, but now we all gathered for his leaving party. He said he is moving back in with his parents while he saves for a deposit so he can buy a place. It was a fun evening though. we played games, drank beer (first time I had drunk in a few weeks) and listened to some great tunes.




I hadn’t seen Charlie in nearly 12 years so I was looking forward to him coming down to Cardiff for a few days last week. He stayed in a Hotel near my home and we spent several days visiting gay bars mainly. It was a fun few days though very tiring. It culminated on the Saturday at “Bitch Please”, a monthly LGBT night in a night cafe. That was actually a lot of fun as it reminded me of what the gay scene used to be like in Cardiff before all these new soulless bars opened. Charlie said he had a really good time too.




On the Friday that Charlie was down we went to Luitsa’s birthday meal at a Chinese restaurant in Cardiff. It was a nice place and the food was lovely. However, the service wasn’t very good. We waited over an hour for our food and then at the end of the evening brought us over a collective bill and made us look at the menu ourselves to work out how much we all owed. It was nice to see Luitsa again, we are going to see Marilyn Manson together in a fortnight and we are both looking forward to that so much.