And so we are faced with yet another General Election in the UK. Boris has lost his working majority in the House of Commons and has very little choice left. But as we approach a new election campaign from all the major parties we need to look past Brexit and think about what actually led us to Brexit chaos in the first place.

The Conservatives have pursued Austerity measures for many years saying they needed to “balance the books”. However, the national debt has steadily grown. How? You may ask. Well in simple terms, any money that was stripped from the poor and disabled was handed over to the wealthy in tax breaks. Their main argument being the fabled “trickledown economics” that says that if the rich get richer it eventually makes its way down to the poor. Except it never happened. And never will. The rich have moved their wealth to offshore tax havens, well out of the reach of the British treasury. It’s not like billionaires spend vast sums at the High Street either. How many flat screen TVs can a handful of people actually buy?

We need, at this election to look at policies. Since the days of Tony Blair we have had “personality politics” where the image of the party leaders is carefully crafted to make the British people like them. A campaign to foster a sort of celebrity around them. But politics is not the music or film industry. It isn’t banal entertainment. We are talking about managing the world’s 5th richest economy. We are talking about our lives.

A lot of people don’t like Jeremy Corbyn. Those of us on the left have accepted this. The media has successfully poisoned a lot of minds against him. They argue he will return us to the turmoil of the 1970s. As much as I hate Thatcher, at that point in history we did indeed need to reign in the Unions and allow business to thrive. However, we have swung too far to the right now. Businesses exploit workers with low pay to the point they are reliant on state support. No worker should NEED to claim benefits!

What is required now is to bring key industries and services into public ownership. Privatisation didn’t lead to better services and lower prices. In fact, rail fares have sky rocketed for example. The workers need to flex their muscle. Boris Johnson’s Tories however, are advocating “cutting red tape” which is quite a curious way of saying “curtailing worker’s rights” even further.

You may not like Corbyn as a person but his policies are going to make our lives better. And that is what politics is about. Who cares if he wears a cheap suit? If you have more money in your pocket and you care that much, you can buy him one.

The future of the British economy is in high skilled work. British factories will never compete with Chinese and Indian factories because they are able to pay their workers a lot less. But how is Britain to become highly skilled if University fees are so exorbitant that regular people simply feel the burden is too much. But it isn’t just cheap foreign labour we should fear. As robots become smarter, the capitalist class will do away with the human workforce altogether. This is not as bleak as it may appear. Better working conditions and more interesting jobs will appear that are not based on repetitive tasks. This will make us all happier.

Labour wish to set up a system of lifelong learning and training. There is the real possibility of spending half your life at one job and then simply changing direction and not having to worry about £30,000 worth of student debt in order to do so.

Corbyn has also pledged to build millions of new homes. This will create more supply and prices will fall making home ownership a real possibility for young people and families. The reason housing is so expensive currently is because there simply aren’t enough of them.

His main aims in fact are summed up in that often repeated mantra “For the many, not the few”.

A lot of people prospered under Thatcher’s ideology but it is an ideology that has had its day. We shouldn’t fear democratic socialism. Most of Europe has embraced it. It’s not a Venezuela type scenario where we bankrupt ourselves. The Tories want to sell the NHS to American health firms. Ask yourself how you will afford to pay for treatment when you inevitably get sick at some point in your life. I suffer with several conditions which means I am uninsurable. I know because I once tried to apply for private health insurance. We have a health service that is the envy of the world, and yet we didn’t bankrupt ourselves by its creation. Put your personal opinions of Corbyn aside and do what is right for the country as a whole.

We cannot go on with this shit!

People are dying because of Austerity, and it failed miserably in its supposed aim of reducing the national debt. How much money are you willing to let them get away with?

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