So last weekend, friends Andreas and Daniel hosted a Karaoke party at their Cardiff Bay apartment. It was a lot of fun actually. I know Karaoke isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but after many beers, cocktails and several bottles of vodka were consumed (not all by me obviously) we all had a great sing song. Daniel also performed some weird robot routine with a costume he had made. Yeah, don’t ask. haha.

Andreas and Daniel are due to move to Germany next year at some point so I am going to miss them a lot. But I wish them every success in their new lives as a married couple. Andreas has been a good friend for several years and played the piano piece on “Adam Kadmon” (The song). That track was a piece derived from “Valentines Day”. You can sing along to it and notice it’s the same key.


This week I’ve also been working on two new songs that have the working titles of “First Against The Wall” and another called “The Holy Shows”.

I’ll continue to write new songs in the next few weeks and then I can return to the studio to record the second part of the “Adam Kadmon” project.

Also, I’m almost ready to launch my new Apparel line called “The Wrong Collection” too, so keep your eyes peeled for that. The designs were by Cardiff artist Norris Nuvo, who designed the artwork for “The Pornographer”, some of these new designs are really funny. 🙂