Thanks for visiting my site, it means a lot to me. Hoping you have a great year and that 2019 is all that you want it to be.

I am a Musician/Producer and Author from Cardiff, UK. My music Blends Electro sounds, Punk guitar riffs, and witty lyrics. I’m currently writing a Horror/Thriller novel which I hope will be out by the Summer.



Today I’d like to give you access to all of my music from my album “The Pornographer” and my EP “Adam Kadmon”. Also, 4 E-Books I’ve carefully selected. All absolutely FREE.

Just enter your email below and I’ll send you a link. The books are Non-Fiction on topics ranging from hypothetical Alien Civilizations, Fusion Energy and how scientists are learning to harness the power of a star here on Earth, What humanity will do in a post-fossil fuel world, and also an introduction to the Buddhist philosophy.

You can download the FREE music, or the FREE E-Books or the whole lot.

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