It was a great shame that Labour didn’t win a majority in the recent election. However, they did do exceptionally well for a party whose leader was labeled “unelectable” by the mainstream media. The establishment is out of touch with the electorate. The Tories have realized with this result that the youth vote was lost. What is their response? That bellend Jacob Rees-Mogg who they seem to think is appealing to the young. Let’s be straight about this. The guy is amassing Instagram followers because young people are laughing at him not because they seriously admire him. He is a prize twat who belongs in an Enid Blyton book.

But enough about him. Let’s talk about Jeremy Corbyn. When was the last time a politician inspired such passion in people? I’m not exaggerating when I say watching the guy speak leaves me with goosebumps. He has stuck a middle finger up to the established neoliberal politics of today and said “Why shouldn’t the rich pay their way? They get away with all the money and we are supposed to accept it?”

It wasn’t even that radical a message. Basically the wealthy would pay a small amount more in taxes in order to fund the NHS and other public services. They can afford it. Nobody was going to be left destitute by this plan.

Every time someone like Corbyn comes along the wealthy warn us that their plan will bankrupt the country. No doubt they said this when a 5-day working week was proposed, or the NHS, or welfare. Nobody has been unable to achieve wealth as a result of these things. In fact, society is richer than at any other point in history.

Such greed that we see today has to come to an end. It’s a cancer in our lives. When corporations and wealthy individuals don’t even pay the tax that they rightfully should but then have the nerve to say that the nurses and firefighters shouldn’t get a pay rise because the country “cannot afford it” then these people are fortunate that they aren’t on their knees with their heads in a guillotine. Quite frankly, they are vulgar in the worst of ways.

Jeremy Corbyn offers hope to our country. As his slogan said… “For the many, not the few”. We shouldn’t be swayed by a biased media that tries to tell us we can’t afford free education and health care. We CAN! We are one of the richest countries on Earth! Austerity is a choice for these people and the majority of us are suffering as a result of it. Are the rich suffering? Hell No! They have increased their wealth considerably since the economic crisis in 2008.

As a country, we have to ask ourselves what is more important. The failure of trickle down economics? Or Nurses not having to work themselves to the point of exhaustion to make ends meet (Which puts people’s lives in danger anyway).

Corbyn is not a communist. He isn’t going to confiscate wealth, he simply wants those who can afford to pay more to do so. This is a decent thing to do. If those people who think they are a better breed had any sort of class they would willingly do this anyway. They wouldn’t need persuading. The working class built this country and it’s time we shared in the wealth that we made. It’s only fair.