Brunei And Chechnya Show Why The LGBTQ Fight Isn't Over

Corporate Christ - Brunei

A few days ago I read with horror that Brunei had passed a law sentencing gay people to death by stoning. The death penalty is archaic by any standard but this particular method is cruel and sadistic. This story follows on the heels of Chechnya who are currently rounding up gay men and women into concentration camps, torturing and killing them. Aside from the gay media I haven’t actually heard a lot about this in the mainstream media. It’s a travesty that a genocide is happening and our governments don’t appear to care that much. The Arab states for instance continue to receive lucrative business deals with the West despite the fact these regimes are like something out of the Bronze Age, and Chechnya is having very little pressure exerted on it from a homophobic Russia and complacent Europe.

As LGBTQ people and allies, we need to vote with our wallets. Boycott businesses from Brunei and Chechnya, cripple their economies if possible.

I’ve seen in Facebook posts people saying “I would never go on holiday there anyway” but that misses the point. The people being persecuted are just like us and with a change in direction from our own governments could very easily BE us. We have seen a rise in Fascist sympathy here in the West and should the worst happen and a Nazi party ever took power here, they would most certainly come for queer people once they had exterminated ethnic minorities. Now is not a time for complacency. We need to act. We need to put pressure on our own governments to intervene in these crimes against humanity.


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