The Lead Single From "Adam Kadmon: When The Heart Implodes"

The Scream

The days that followed my ex-partner taking his life were immensely difficult for me. My doctor prescribed me sedatives to help me sleep as intrusive images of finding his body were on my mind constantly. The sleep became a panacea for me. Each night brought me 8 hours of relative peace. In fact, it brought me 8 hours closer to the day I die. This was something that crossed my mind more than once. I felt like life had dealt me endless misery and I was tired. Tired of living and experiencing the endless kick in the teeth I seemed to get. Eventually, my doctor stopped prescribing the medication. I guess he realized that it could become a crutch for me. Life began to feel less painful in time. There are reasons to stay awake and truly live. I guess each of us has to find a purpose in our lives. The Adam Kadmon project will be in two parts. This first part “When The Heart Implodes” tells the story of my lowest point. The second part will focus on “Jacob’s Ladder”, my journey to higher spiritual realms, then eventually realizing that I need to return to Earthly realms to put into practice what I have learned.