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Why the next 50 years will be the most exciting in human history…  

Yesterday I was called a ‘stupid narrow-minded idiot’ and a ‘fool’ for no longer embracing all the conspiracy nonsense floating around the internet.  At first I found it all really interesting, but it soon reminded me of all those Jehovah’s Witnesses that used to knock on doors when I was a kid screaming and shouting that the world was about to end.  It never did by the way.  Believe me, in 10 years’ time we will all be looking back on this and cringing, its gonna be on Facebook’s servers for a long, long time… Maybe forever, who knows?   Anyway, I just wanted to try and uplift people a bit with a few of the positive things that are happening in the world.  Yes, the Tories are cunts for what they are doing, but that is not going to permanently destroy civilization as we know it.  In fact it may even help as its pushing the general population to the left which is inevitable anyway when all our traditional resources are running out.  It’s helpful to remember though, that as coal, oil and gas run out, we still have hundreds of miles of ‘stuff’ beneath our feet and only a few meters above the surface to fill with it.  Mud may seem a useless resource but actually, scientists have created biodegradable plastic-like materials from it. Also, the actual molecules of all our carbon-based materials haven’t actually left the Earth as such, they’ve just changed form.  It will probably be feasible in the future to recycle these molecules back into a useful form.  There is of course the option to mine asteroids and the Moon for resources too.   As for the issue of energy, yes it’s going to be really expensive in the future as we move to renewables, but technology companies are currently investing huge amounts of money into devices that consume hardly any power at all.  Super-efficient solar cells are at the concept stage.  The reason we don’t have any of these things now is not because the Illuminati have suppressed these technologies.  It’s because fossil fuels are so cheap and there is no market yet for these things.  That’s the way our capitalist system functions… Demand=Market=Profit.   Besides, in 50 years’ time we could have other forms of energy such as Nuclear Fusion or Thorium Reactors to power our Eco-Cities.  The European Union are about to invest billions in a Smart Grid spanning the whole continent.  Britain will use Spain’s sunlight, France will use Britain’s wind etc. It will be a power grid more akin to the internet, sharing the different energies throughout the region.   The plight of the working class is also pandered about the internet as if we are so poor we are living in the stone age.  Let’s be clear about this… You are reading this on a computer or phone which has technology our grandparents could never have imagined when they were young.  You have enough food and your homes are watertight, warm and generally more comfortable than any palace from 500 years ago and back.  Yes, times are difficult compared to a few years ago, but eventually living standards will improve and then exceed anything we have now. That’s what progress is for.  A resource based economy is much more practical as we move beyond mass manufacturing (think 3D printers able to replicate anything including themselves) and develop machines capable of carrying out any task the current working class do.  There will be much more leisure time and the internet will spread knowledge and education to even the poorest nations.    In closing, remember this… If the rich wanted you dead, you would already be dead.  However stupid they are even they realize that their wealth depends entirely on the workers who produce it.  Technology is about to explode exponentially.  We will have healthcare so advanced our life expectancy will be so long you will wonder what on Earth you could do with all that time.  We may even live forever, replacing organs as they fail with laboratory-grown ones or fusing our bodies with hard wearing tech.  There is nothing to fear but fear itself.  Enjoy your life and stop worrying about things.  Your hatred and anger will bring you nothing but sorrow, and doesn’t add a single benefit to you or the world.  The conspiracy theories are being fueled by religious nutters who suddenly have a voice because of the internet.  Do you really want to be remembered as one of them?  Stupid, narrow minded idiot am I?  Well at least I know the Earth isn’t flat and it revolves around the sun.  What did our wise religious elite ever bring to the table eh?


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