A homage to Cardiff’s very own Rachel Lester and her iconic X Factor Audition. This deep house song tells you the “troof of the matter” about the class act who “everyone in Cardiff knows” (apparently)

Rachel Lester inspired this whole piece and despite the mocking undertones she really is epic. X Factor auditions can be hit or miss but you won’t be sorry if you’ve ever sat and scoffed at hers. The sheer arrogance and the contempt for the judges was superb. The judges are all “licking each others arses just to be where they fucking wanna be and THAT is the troof of the matter!”, she says.

She’s even done her own cassette.

If you’ve never visited Cardiff before then you really need to come down and watch her singing all around the towns and everything. She’s an extremely good vocalist. She’s just too goddamn good.


Corporate Christ doing it Rachel Lester style. Kiss my ass all the way.



Rachel Lester's meteoric rise to fame started when she stormed into her X-Factor audition and announced "I'm better than Madonna". 

I mean, she's not wrong. Madonna might have more platinum blonde pubes than Rachel but Rachel does have those lush roots and clothing made for a cheap child's doll. Who can doubt this "natural raw talent" as she described herself.