Corporate Christ - The Pornographer

The Pornographer is the debut album from Corporate Christ. An Industrial Pop melee that explores the voyeuristic nature of his 5 years in a psychiatric hospital.


Completely isolated as a teen, I would spend my evenings after school shut away in my bedroom, depressed and alone. This inspired the concept of “The Pornographer”, the idea that I was some sort of voyeuristic film director who gazed on from afar while the “characters” had fun (as they do in porn films).

During my early 20’s I developed the idea behind the concept further, adding deeper elements as I wrote some of the songs that would later feature on the finished album. However, during this period I was a heavy user of drugs and alcohol. I only recorded one song, partly because I couldn’t afford to as all my money went on drugs, but also because I just had no motivation, no drive.

Eventually, my drug use affected my mental health so badly I was sent to a psychiatric hospital for 5 years. My life was in pieces and yet again the reality of “The Pornographer” was playing out again. I was locked in a hospital ward, my only contact with my friends was through Facebook in the very brief moments I was allowed outside and able to use my phone. My friends were having a blast yet here I was in the most desperate situation I had ever faced. I hated that hospital. However, the album began to take shape in my mind and I knew what I wanted it to sound like. I was moving further towards electronic sounding music, yet I still loved the sound of a distorted guitar. I liked using them together.

After being released from the Hospital I soon developed a bowel disease called Ulcerative Colitis. The bowel literally falls apart and you end up shitting it out. That wasn’t fun. I had to have emergency surgery and it took many months to recover. But while I was recovering I realized life is so short and none of us are guaranteed a long, healthy life. I knew I had to record this record.